When apostle Paul complained to God the predicament he’s been having, God replied that His grace was sufficient…never did I understand what Paul was going through, but it has to be something big for him to bring it up many times. But once God answered, I never did read another word from Paul. Sometimes I wonder how I would react under those circumstances…if I were Paul, would I just shut up after an indefinite answer on how God would solve this “thorn in the flesh”? We have to look at Paul’s story!

You see, Paul was shown grace by God from the beginning of his Christian Life. Being blinded along the road to Damascus rather than being killed by God for persecuting most of Israel’s God fearing men is a big incentive to count. Paul even considered himself chief of all sinners…not a good info to put in your Facebook page, yet God used him everywhere! He was the most successful missionary to the gentiles. He expressed grace as openly as God had poured out grace to him…you might consider his letters as strong, but if you would take time to analyze it…you would sense the character of God in every word…he often pleads for his readers to reconsider doing things the right way…”I BESEECH THEE…” Paul said.

If God could extend grace to a murderer of Christians and use him for His glory…then how much more could he extend grace to us? If you think you’ve done such a sin that you are not worthy of forgiveness, think again…think about Paul…don’t belittle our God…don’t think too much of yourself. God’s integrity is so intact that He can handle any mistake we make…as long as we recognize that we need His forgiveness…I John 1:9 nails it good when it states that if we would just recognize that we have done wrong in front of God and tell it to Him directly and privately, He would always look back at what His Son has done and say “FORGIVEN!” Because that’s how God rolls…with abundant grace!

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