PRINT DESIGN – 24 Hour Preaching Flier

The considerations in making print designs are fully dependent on your client. Mike (pictured in the flier) likes to print full letter sized (8.5 x 11) fliers in full color. I believe he prints these using a digital printer in small quantities.

The initial consideration to this particular piece are the elements – Image of the clock, Image of Mike, Title, content, and footer details. I don’t know why I opted to use a dark background that eventually got revised.

The approved design is the lighter one where you can fully see Mike!

VECTOR DESIGN – Kulot! (curly)

This is my first ever VECTOR ART made in Adobe Illustrator. It took me almost 5 hours (including the steep learning curve of drawing from Photoshop to Illustrator). This was a commissioned artwork that got canceled. The sad reality of the freelance art community.

This piece inspired me to look into the technicalities of vector art. I will continue to post my other artworks as I progress into this specific type of medium!

VECTOR DESIGN – Self Portrait


Yes, that is me. I took the liberty of taking off some unnecessary layers from my face. The important thing is how I view myself (hahaha… self-love!).

This artwork took less than an hour to create from scratch. I already developed a workflow (thanks to youtube) that I intend to follow and improve as I go down the freehand business. It’s not my cleanest work, but it is the fastest. I guess there’s some advantage in drawing yourself. One of it is that you cringe so much that it motivates you to get it done!


The publisher gave me a freehand to design this book cover for the client. The initial draft was more on the brown and red side of the color palette. The color change was suggested by the author to be more culturally relevant.

This project took around 4 minor revisions and laid out in Photoshop.

BOOK COVER – The Broken Bits and Pieces of Life

A simple play on text and a single image. This is one of my design projects during my minimalistic era. Typography was something I still adore and will still incorporate in my projects. There is a certain level of appeal that captivates the heart with the scarcity of a design. Truly, there are situations where less is more!

SHIRT DESIGN – I Serve Because I Love

I enjoyed doing this project for a Canadian client of mine because it reflected a piece of my core belief. I am not just a freelance artist, I am also a full time Christian. My driving force in serving, whether in freelance art or in my regular work, is LOVE! The kind of love that is unconditional in nature.

My first concept involved 2 scribbled hands holding each other just above the wrist. I wanted to show a strong bond between two people. I used 2 colors in this piece. The yellow green hand on top signifies the helping hand while the white one below signifies the need for help. The rugged style showed the imperfection of people. The verse was given by the client along with the main words to be spread across the shirt.

The client want a more cleaner look and because it would be harder to prep silk screens with textured elements (harder but not impossible). Eventually, the client told me to scrap the whole hand thing and told me exactly what he wanted! hence, the 1st picture!

Weeeeellll, I’m not mad how it turned out. All in all, the client is still my boss, I got paid, and I enjoyed pushing myself to the limits of my creativity.


When apostle Paul complained to God the predicament he’s been having, God replied that His grace was sufficient…never did I understand what Paul was going through, but it has to be something big for him to bring it up many times. But once God answered, I never did read another word from Paul. Sometimes I wonder how I would react under those circumstances…if I were Paul, would I just shut up after an indefinite answer on how God would solve this “thorn in the flesh”? We have to look at Paul’s story!

You see, Paul was shown grace by God from the beginning of his Christian Life. Being blinded along the road to Damascus rather than being killed by God for persecuting most of Israel’s God fearing men is a big incentive to count. Paul even considered himself chief of all sinners…not a good info to put in your Facebook page, yet God used him everywhere! He was the most successful missionary to the gentiles. He expressed grace as openly as God had poured out grace to him…you might consider his letters as strong, but if you would take time to analyze it…you would sense the character of God in every word…he often pleads for his readers to reconsider doing things the right way…”I BESEECH THEE…” Paul said.

If God could extend grace to a murderer of Christians and use him for His glory…then how much more could he extend grace to us? If you think you’ve done such a sin that you are not worthy of forgiveness, think again…think about Paul…don’t belittle our God…don’t think too much of yourself. God’s integrity is so intact that He can handle any mistake we make…as long as we recognize that we need His forgiveness…I John 1:9 nails it good when it states that if we would just recognize that we have done wrong in front of God and tell it to Him directly and privately, He would always look back at what His Son has done and say “FORGIVEN!” Because that’s how God rolls…with abundant grace!


In 1999, I received the hardest task given to me by my parents…that’s to go home alone to the Philippines and finish my last two years in High School. Most of my life was lived in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. My family, friends and even my knowledge of Christianity was established in the Middle East. Leaving everything behind and starting a new was not an easy task for a 14 year old. I may have the physique of a 30 year old but still an emotional quotient of a frail boy.

Being reminded of Ephesians 6:1, I obeyed my parents, even if I have to suppress my dismay and feeling of unfairness. On April 1999, my family and I flew back to the motherland. It was my last international flight. I psyched myself into accepting the reality that one month from that point in time; I will be left alone by my parents. The thought of separation was the most painful thing. Thousands of miles from your loved ones on a different time zone were more of a torture than a challenge.

Two years have passed, God granted me to graduate from High School. No honors but a true graduate none the less. 16 years old was the ideal age for my generation to enter college. I applied in UP, UST, MAPUA, LA SALLE and LETRAN. I was on fire. But that fire was quickly distinguished when all my applications were denied. Running low on confidence, I thought of just taking a short vocational course, convinced that my mental capacity can only handle only two more years of studying. But then, a friend told me to try La Salle top…not taft…but top…top of the mountain! La Salle Dasmariñas offered Computer Science (which was the in thing then). So I took the entrance test, and lo and behold, I was accepted. I was placed in Section 1 of BS Computer Science year 1. But my stay in that university was cut short because of financial matters. I only finished 1 year.

At 17, I decided to work. We had a small food stall in the Sucat area near the City Hall. So I helped out every morning, delivering food, washing the dishes, cooking big kalderos of rice, and packing up. I followed the same routine everyday for almost 4 months when an opportunity opened for me in School of Tomorrow, Philippines.

To summarize everything, 2002 I entered Living Heritage Academy as a database encoder under Mrs. Kakilala. In 2005, God gave me the opportunity to discover my hidden talent in graphics design. By 2007, my skills were enhanced, by God’s grace, from print design to video editing. 2008, a personal bump in my career and spiritual life lead me to resign from School of Tomorrow and work for a secular company. Higher pay was guaranteed but it was hard to ignore God’s tug on my heart back to my first love which is Christian Education and doctrinal teaching. 2009, I answered God’s call and went back to School of Tomorrow. Now, God has blessed me with the opportunity to show His grace to everyone through Multimedia Arts.

Looking back, it’s hard not to see God’s sovereignty in each important life changing situation. I hope and pray that your story would reflect God’s character and integrity. After all, we Christians are the light of the world, a city that is set on a hill that can never be hidden. And when people would see that light, they should not see us but instead glorify our Father Who is on heaven.


Last Sunday, we had a very interesting time at Church…well, we always do, but this time it’s different. During our life lesson’s time, the topic took a very heavy turn. It talked about conversational evangelism. Evangelism per se is the epitome of the divine directive that is given to all Christians. “GO YE THEREFORE…” is the operative phrase in the great commission of Christ to the church age believers. John Piper even said, “the good news that is not proclaimed is not a good one…it’s not even news!”

Personally, I was challenged with the drive of the message that day. I was examining myself on how I am fulfilling the great commission? What part am I doing? Am I not responding to God’s call? Is this part of the “CHANGE PROJECT” I set out to do? Are you telling me something God? These are questions that need to be dealt with in this lifetime.

To make matters even more complicated (yet affirming), I’ve just finished listening to Ravi Zacharias’ introduction to Apologetics, and I tell you, complicated is just an understatement! There are things in life that I wish I could grasp with just a phrase or two…but in reality, the things of God are too broad and infinite in character that words could barely contain their full significance. In this study, it teaches us how to “…make a defense” according to Peter’s 1st book in the New Testament. To MAKE A DEFENSE in the Greek is the word APOLOGIA which means apologetics. It is simply building a solid belief system that can be used to convey and explain itself using acquired and applied knowledge. It’s CONVERSATIONAL EVANGELISM. I think God is telling me something.

For quite some time I’ve been assessing myself in all aspects…thinking of my role in this world. Am I just a pawn of the princes of the power of this world? Or am I a new creature…armed with the mind of a deity who personally thought of me while being sacrificed for MY sins. Why am I here? What’s my DEFENSE?


I don’t like it but I need it. I HAVE to change in order for me to be able to do stuff that really matter. Life is constantly changing, and not to change will be devastating. 50, 20, 10 years ago…things ran differently. The government for one has a constant fluctuation in growth…one decade we we’re a tiger economy, then a poverty stricken country on the next. People change for the better or mutate to a Hyde-like person. We are changing.

This morning, I was browsing the internet for stuff that would satisfy my interest-seeking media conscience. I had five browsers simultaneously running with one purpose in mind; fulfill my craving for information that could benefit my career and my spiritual life. 15 minutes in to my search for media-nirvana, I stumbled upon Pastor Ed Young’s blog. Pastor Ed Young is the Pastor of Fellowship Church and his recently concluded Sunday Sermon just got uploaded. He has a series on LUST called “Leaving Lust Vegas” and preached on the lust of the flesh. I watched the 28min teaser kinda clip…the rest of the sermon was available for download for a small donation. The clip revolved around the story of Lot and his decision to pitch his tent towards Sodom (Genesis 13) during an internal conflict with his uncle Abe. We all know that Sodom and Gomorrah provided services that would bankrupt Manila’s Red Light district. Unimaginable sexual lusts are marketed in that city 24/7…and Lot was slowly drawn from the outskirts of Sodom in to the heart of Sodom.

What struck me the most with Pastor Young’s sermon was the reality of how much effort we have to exert in order to integrate biblically good change within us. I am 25, and people say I’m still young…but according to a Wii console, I’m in a 36 year old body! Now that’s one change I need to address…but for the rest of my life, what do I really want to do? What changes should occur for me to be used by God? Another question that I need to ask myself is…am I willing to change at all?

I already know that change needs to begin within. As John the beloved said that as my soul prospers, the details of life will follow. I want to succeed in life, but not according to man’s standards. I want God’s approval and hear Him in my soul say “Well done!” I think seeking God’s approval is not a lust, but a desire.

So, what do I need to do? CHANGE

How will I change? Now…that’s a question for another blog entry to answer! For now, I’ll be doing baby bite size applications and try to implement as much renovation of the mentality as possible!