Last Sunday, we had a very interesting time at Church…well, we always do, but this time it’s different. During our life lesson’s time, the topic took a very heavy turn. It talked about conversational evangelism. Evangelism per se is the epitome of the divine directive that is given to all Christians. “GO YE THEREFORE…” is the operative phrase in the great commission of Christ to the church age believers. John Piper even said, “the good news that is not proclaimed is not a good one…it’s not even news!”

Personally, I was challenged with the drive of the message that day. I was examining myself on how I am fulfilling the great commission? What part am I doing? Am I not responding to God’s call? Is this part of the “CHANGE PROJECT” I set out to do? Are you telling me something God? These are questions that need to be dealt with in this lifetime.

To make matters even more complicated (yet affirming), I’ve just finished listening to Ravi Zacharias’ introduction to Apologetics, and I tell you, complicated is just an understatement! There are things in life that I wish I could grasp with just a phrase or two…but in reality, the things of God are too broad and infinite in character that words could barely contain their full significance. In this study, it teaches us how to “…make a defense” according to Peter’s 1st book in the New Testament. To MAKE A DEFENSE in the Greek is the word APOLOGIA which means apologetics. It is simply building a solid belief system that can be used to convey and explain itself using acquired and applied knowledge. It’s CONVERSATIONAL EVANGELISM. I think God is telling me something.

For quite some time I’ve been assessing myself in all aspects…thinking of my role in this world. Am I just a pawn of the princes of the power of this world? Or am I a new creature…armed with the mind of a deity who personally thought of me while being sacrificed for MY sins. Why am I here? What’s my DEFENSE?