When you had enough crap from people, circumstances and things…and you feel like shouting from the top of your lungs and just curse…then my friend, you have just reached one of life’s breaking point! Yes…you read it right…it’s just one of the many opportunities to break or make a situation!

I acknowledge the fact that we are mere mortals…humans…in my language it goes like this…”sensya…tao lang!” But in reality, the fact of us being finite in being is not really an excuse. God, in His sovereign nature, has purposed in His plan for man to be weak and vulnerable…not because God is a sadist…but because He wants us to realize that if we ever reach the BREAKING POINT, He is there to show His love, mercy and grace! When Adam ate the forbidden fruit, God knew that it was the perfect time to show grace…so He called Adam. Not because he did not know where he is…but because he wants them (Adam and Eve) to acknowledge their mistake and come to Him for a divinely approved solution. But instead of going to God, they sewed fig leaves and hid their nakedness (human works).

You see…we have this opportunity to be confronted and comforted by God…the only thing we need is to restore that relationship with Him that was once lost by Adam. So if you are reading this, and you are nearing your breaking point, then assess yourself.

1) Do you have an eternal relationship with God the Father? The only way you can have that relationship is if you sincerely accept Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son, as your personal Savior, and recognize that you cannot save yourself

2) if you have that relationship with God…then are you growing for the good of the kingdom? Are you taking in Biblical principles that will lead you to spiritual maturity?

Only you can answer that question…so I urge you beloved reader…search your heart!